On Tuesday 12th February, 10:00am (GMT) Global Processing Services and Konsentus explored the implications of PSD2 open banking and the challenges Programme Managers face to meet the new regulations.

March 14 2019 – it’s only 2 months until everyone has to have their solutions available for external testing.

Will you be ready? Do you understand what you need to do?

Everyone offering an API Solution for Third Party Providers needs to have in place seven key elements to meet the PSD2 open banking regulations:

1.      API Interface – live for 6 months prior to externally going live on 14th September 2019
2.      Exemption certificate from NCA or fallback option
3.      SCA solution
4.      TPP regulatory checking
5.      eIDAS Seal Certificate checking if operating in Europe
6.      Access Token issuance
7.      Management of Consents by PSU

This webinar will take you through a complete guide to what PSD2 open banking is, and what you need to do within your organisation to comply with the regulations.

To view the recording, click here