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Virtual cards are a catalyst for innovation and enable instant fulfilment of customer needs


Why Choose GPS Virtual Cards?
Our GPS Apex platform is designed to push the boundaries of innovation and programme creativity.
Virtual cards and wallets are at the heart of many of the leading-edge innovations that can meet specific needs of consumer and business users.
Benefits of using virtual cards and wallets
End-users have put high expectations on financial services to deliver innovative products that provide immediate convenience with a frictionless customer experience.
By using virtual cards and wallets for online payments, you can:
• Meet customer expectations by delivering an innovative product that they need
• Encourage immediate card use to drive the profitability of your programme
• Enhance the customer and user experience through convenient features
• Strengthen your brand amongst your customers

Virtual cards and wallets can be:

• Single or multi use

• Set-up in any currency

• Issued instantly – typically within just 200ms

• Linked to our mobile payment solutions for host card emulation (HCE) and in-app provisioning

• Upgraded to a physical card at any moment via an API

You can choose whether the virtual card is de-activated when the physical card arrives or runs alongside the plastic with either shared or separate balance.

How virtual cards can meet new commercial challenges

Instant Issuance:

• Create a virtual card instantly to display in the user interface for immediate use, while the cardholder waits for the physical card to arrive

• Choose either a separate or shared balance between physical and virtual cards that are linked together

• Choose whether to have simultaneous physical and virtual cards so that even if a card is lost or stolen, a cardholder can continue to transact

Controlled Top-Up:
• Use a virtual secondary card with separate funds to the main balance, allowing cardholders to segregate and better manage their money
• Use a virtual secondary card as a top-up mechanism controlled by the primary cardholder for a companion card, to restrict secondary cardholder spending
• Use a virtual secondary card as a top-up mechanism for a corporate expense card controlled by a line manager, to ensure that employees have constant access to a payment card without complete access to a full balance – load funds instantly by transferring between secondary virtual and physical primary cards when needed

International Payment Mechanisms:

• Access to a secure low cost and efficient solution for business to pay invoices in multiple currencies

• Single use virtual cards are created, loaded and spent in the required currency. For security reasons, once used they are destroyed in seconds

• Reduce costs incurred in the payment of international invoices by paying directly in the required currency.

• Use multi-FX padding to mitigate the risk of fluctuations between authorisation and settlement

GPS Virtual Cards Train Ticket

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