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Virtual cards

Create new and exciting instant-access digital payment experiences for your consumer and business customers.

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A world of payment possibilities

Our virtual cards work the same way a typical card would – just without the plastic. By removing the physical attributes of a card, a world of possibilities is opened. With instant issuance, freedom to choose currencies, and high-security functionality, virtual cards enable financial brands to create innovative and convenient payment experiences without any wait times for the end user.

Why choose GPS virtual cards?

  • Issue a range of bespoke virtual card configurations and rules to support a variety of use cases, spanning from high-security one-time cards to multi-user cards, temporary cards, budget limits and more.
  • Our secure virtual cards are issued instantly, encouraging immediate usage of your financial services without delay.
  • Reduce FX costs for your customers by allowing users to pay directly in a currency of their choice.
  • Create a virtual “secondary” card with segregated funds to allow users to manage money, restrict spending, or limit access to a larger balance.

How virtual cards can meet new
commercial challenges


Increased uptake

Increase user uptake by creating instantly-accessible virtual cards to mitigate delivery delays, theft or misplaced physical cards.


Faster to market

Remove the need to produce plastic cards via a card bureau, reducing the time it takes to go to market while lowering your carbon footprint.


High security

Create single-use or highly customisable usage restrictions to mitigate the risk of fraud or theft.