Create, configure and control your payment programmes in real-time with precision and ease

    Why Choose GPS Smart Client Portal?
    Our award-winning GPS Apex platform gives you access to the Smart Client portal where you define your own rules and can view the full life cycle of your customers’ transactions and card usage.
    You can manage and modify attributes quickly, easily and in real-time.
    Data precision to Point of Sales (PoS)
    Smart Client gives you access to an amazing level of detail on every:
    Card spend
    Transaction type
    Customer interaction
    View and manage card activity on a global level, capturing all details of the transaction including:
    • Precise Point-of-Sale where a transaction took place
    • Chip settings at the time of transaction
    • Data stored on the chip of an individual card
    • Cardholder verification results
    • Terminal capability
    Define your card programme and optimize performance

    One of the great features of Smart Client is its Groups functionality. It offers parameters that set a new benchmark for flexibility and in driving innovation where you can set your own rules to ensure you develop a profitable payment programme.

    The Group functionality enables you to:

    • Define rules that determine when, where and how your cards can be used

    • Make changes to every card in your programme or just one single card

    • Create a card with unlimited capabilities

    • Specify days, times card can be used and set limits on daily spend or load source

    • Allow or block spending by merchant category groups or specific merchant

    • Unlimited possibility of fee combinations

    • Take control of your card effectuate rates using your own conversation table for cross-country transactions

    • Tailor security settings that control your risk exposure

    Deep transaction detail, control and efficiencies all add up to greater visibility, a happy customer and profitable payments programme.

    Empowering great customer service
    To ensure your card programme delivers the best customer experience, Smart Client empowers your Customer Service Agent to view, amend and take appropriate actions.
    • Instantly restore blocked PINs and send an in-app notification direct to your customers
    • Give customers a clear explanation of transaction status (no-nonsense)
    • View a real-time dashboard on limits and usage
    • Access an instant easy to understand breakdown of card usage to share with your customers

    Chargeback management

    Managing chargebacks couldn’t be easier. You can take care of the entire lifecycle through Smart Client from initiating a request through to raising an arbitration case so you have the best chance of reclaiming funds lost through fraud or disputes.

    Producing chargeback reports can be done quickly and painlessly with just a few clicks.

    With our alerts and countdown feature, you never need to miss a chargeback deadline again!


    Security and a clear audit trail

    With so much power and flexibility at your disposal, security is essential. Secure tokenisation ensures your customers never need to disclose their card number, ever. Enhanced authentication and a crystal-clear audit trail means outstanding security and peace of mind.


    Flexible user configuration

    The Smart Client portal has a flexible user configuration which lets you restrict access by role or even user so you can give each member of your team access to just the specific functionality they need to do their job.

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