Smart client

Get a detailed view of the entire lifecycle of your customers' transactions and card usage from one location.
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Greater insight, better outcomes

Smart client gives your team a secure, transparent view of every card payment, transaction type, and customer interaction. This level of visibility unlocks a broad range of initiatives, including fraud optimisation, decline analysis, better customer service capabilities and improved transaction management for customers.

Why choose GPS smart client?

  • Our data platform sets the standard for programme management. By providing actionable transaction data in real-time, including precise point of sale location data, verification, and terminal capability, you can ensure your time is spent developing truly valuable features for your end customers.
  • Change and reconfigure card attributes instantly to tailor new rules, protect your customers from fraud, update FX margins, and develop bespoke card functionality.
  • 16-digit card numbers are replaced with a secure token, so your customers never need to share payment information. And, with crystal clear audit trails and role-based user access, this powerful data always remains secure.

Deliver stand-out customer service and support

Better customer experiences

Better customer experiences

Smart client empowers your customer service team to view, amend and take action instantly.

Query data at your fingerprints

Query data at your fingertips

With easily navigable dashboards, your team can quickly provide a clear status update on any transactions or account queries.

Ongoing support, made easy

Ongoing support, made easy

Be reassured that at any point, you’ll have access to the information you need to provide the level of help your customers expect.