Real-time transaction data

Deliver outstanding cardholder functionality by leveraging rich, flexible and insightful data about your card programme in real-time.

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Powering data-driven authorisation decisions

Today, your customers expect payments to be instant, transparent and seamless. Our highly-configurable real-time data feeds give you ultimate flexibility over authorisation decisions, while offering rich insights to help you frame the decisions that shape the future of your card programme.

Why choose GPS real-time transaction data?

  • Make decisions at speed and leverage insights to improve performance by consolidating multiple data sources and formats into a single, actionable data stream.
  • Make the most of your transaction data to build a deep understanding of your customers while delivering rich and personalised payment functionality.
  • Our host interface scales alongside the growth of your business, helping to ensure you’re always ready for what comes next.
  • Negate the risk of downtime thanks to our resilient disaster recovery process. Each programme is set up with an identical fallback to ensure continuity in case of emergency.