Take control of authorization decision-making for payment innovation and differentiation through our External Host Interface (EHI)

    Why Choose GPS EHI Modes?
    Our External Host Interface (EHI) is a real-time transactional data feed that enables you to implement bespoke decision-making logic and your own authorization rules.
    Control and Creativity
    EHI enables you to deliver outstanding cardholder functionality including:
    • Advanced multi-currency, commodity and cryptocurrency programmes
    • Real time loading and transaction notifications
    • Access to real-time data for analytics
    • Mobile wallets including Apple Pay and Google Pay
    • Unparalleled uptime with stand-in service
    Features you can offer your customers
    The functionality you can offer your customers will vary depending on which of the five modes you choose.
    Gps Realtime Diagram

    Choose from five modes depending on level of control required

    In addition to being able to offer leading edge functionality to your customers, Real-time Data Feed delivers a number of business benefits to you.

    Mode 1
    Apply bespoke decision-making logic for sophisticated programmes. You take full control of the card balance and linked card structure. You also have the option to take advantage of next generation security measures such as Dynamic CVV2 and Dynamic Online PIN functionality.

    Mode 2
    Allow GPS to perform the authorization but remain in control with your ability to overrule GPS’ authorization and decline any transaction in real-time, during the processing.

    Mode 3
    Benefit from GPS authorization rules, and receive a real-time data feed of all transactions, allowing you to send instant client notifications at the time of the transaction. Mode 3 enables you to launch a programme quickly while being able to switch to a more advanced level of control at a later stage, as and when required.

    Mode 4 & 5
    Our most advanced options which enables the external host to maintain the balances as in the case of mode 1. However, if the external hosts cannot be contacted, GPS will approve or decline using the current stand-in balance.

    Depending upon the level of control you select, your responsibility for performing key actions in the authorization process will vary, as shown:

    Real Time Image
    Additional benefits
    All five modes deliver additional benefits. Presentment data is sent via the real-time feed so your data is received via a single, easy to manage source. Also, real-time reporting gives you a live overview of all your transaction data. Not only does that help you manage your programme but it also means more insights so you can better tailor your services to the needs of your customers.
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