Deliver a compelling and cost-effective FX programme for your customers

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    Why Choose GPS Multi-FX Cards and Wallets?
    The GPS Apex platform gives you the ability to deliver a compelling and transparent multi-currency customer proposition through the easy control of exchange rates.
    How does a GPS FX Card and Wallet function?
    A Multi-FX card is a single payment instrument (virtual or physical) with which there are simultaneously different balances in multiple currencies associated, with one of these currencies defined as the ‘base currency’.
    The collection of currency balances together forms the ‘FX Wallet’; a single dynamic payment product which offers the ability to transact and more crucially, settle in multiple wallet currencies.
    Optional real-time control and programme differentiation
    You can control your Multi-FX programme using our Real-Time Data Feed (External Host Interface).
    This gives you direct access to real-time transaction data that can truly differentiate your programme and user experience. Real-time data enables you to:
    • Hold the FX wallet balances and perform all forms of load, balance adjustment and card linkage
    • Participate in the authorisation decision-making through real-time access to authorisation requests and financial clearing messages
    • Integrate bespoke decision logic such as enabling cardholders to tailor usage limits, additional features and controls

    Transact and settle in multiple wallet currencies

    Gps Multifx Diagram

    Example 1: Transacting in JPY with a Euro Base Currency Card

    If a customer with a card created under the following wallet structure chooses to transact in Japanese Yen, provided that there is a positive balance in their JPY wallet, there will be no need for currency conversion at the point of sale. This means the cardholder has total visibility over the amount they are being charged and how much their balance will be deducted, making it easier to manage money abroad, or while travelling.

    Example 2: Flexible, Seamless Spending

    If the customer does not hold a positive balance in their JPY wallet, but does have sufficient funds on their USD balance, the transaction can still proceed.

    You can define the rate to be used when converting funds from one FX wallet to another, and the rate to be used if the cardholder spends in a non-wallet currency (CHF, for example).

    Control and configure
    Choose from two Multi-FX options, depending on your programme needs:
    • Load onto the account in the base currency to increase the balance of the base currency wallet.
    • Load directly to any of the associated currency wallets.

    Benefits for your cardholder

    • Simplified spending with separate wallet balances in multiple currencies on a single card

    • Ability to move money between wallet balances

    • Control over when to load funds to a particular currency – the ability to wait for a rate they like

    • Option to automatically transfer from base currency if there are insufficient funds to cover a transaction in a wallet currency – a seamless cardholder experience that doesn’t require a cardholder to be an FX expert in order to effectively use an FX product.

    Benefits for your business
    • The seamless integration of Multi-FX processing capabilities into GPS Apex means that there is no need to invest in costly 3rd party FX integrations in order to deliver your programme.
    • Intra-wallet auto transfers utilise either the scheme rate or one dynamically supplied by the programme via API to GPS.
    • GPS client-supplied FX rate functionality allows businesses to create well-monetised product offerings with additional FX revenue streams.
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