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Multi-FX and POSFX

Easily deploy a compelling and cost-effective currency conversion solution with over 800 currency pairs and access to wholesale FX rates.

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Build a compelling currency conversion offering

Make spending abroad easy with POSFX. With real-time and transparent point‑of‑sale FX rates, you’ll be able to increase customer adoption, improve your offering, and gain a competitive edge. 

Our Multi-FX cards (virtual or physical) allow your customers to simultaneously hold multiple balances of different currencies all managed from a single account. This provides you with the ability to control FX fees while offering your customers unparalleled convenience.

Why choose GPS Multi‑FX?

  • Our relationships with leading FX rate providers give you access to wholesale FX rates in real time which will help you pass on compelling and transparent rates to your customers.
  • With seamless integration into GPS Apex, you can manage all your FX requirements from one place, removing 3rd party costs and greatly simplifying management of your programme.
  • Implement bespoke decision logic powered by our real-time data feed (EHI). This allows you to tailor your service with unique features and controls including usage limits, instanced funds and real-time authorisation.

Deliver excellent FX programmes to your customers


Add money with ease

Your customers can load funds onto the account in a base currency, or directly into associated currency wallets.

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Seamless currency overflow

Offer the ability to automatically transfer funds from the base currency if there are insufficient funds in the preferred currency wallet.

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Flexible rates

Your customers can wait for a preferable rate before loading funds to a particular currency – all in seconds.