Offer your customers the ability to pay using leading mobile wallet technology or implement your own

    Why Choose GPS Mobile Solutions?
    GPS Apex platform enables you to offer the latest mobile payment experiences to your customers including Apple Pay, GooglePay, Samsung Pay and Fitbit Pay – or alternatively use our SDK technology to bring your own HCE wallet to market.
    Offer your customers new payment experiences
    Mobile payment technology is rapidly evolving, enabling you to offer new, distinctive and convenient payment experiences to your customers. Using mobile wallets, cardholders can make secure mobile payments over the counter and in-app provisioning via their smartphone.
    Mobile payments are possible wherever contactless technology is accepted
    They are not restricted by arbitrary contactless payment amount limits, which may vary from territory to territory.
    The secure element of the device provides an additional verification deemed acceptable by schemes to permiss higher transaction limits.

    Mastercard and Visa security encryption

    GPS Apex supports all of the major mobile wallet brands and can facilitate enablement of a bespoke HCE wallet that links into the Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) or Visa Tokenization Service (VTS).

    The tokenization service offers customers peace of mind when using your mobile wallet, as their actual card numbers are not stored on the device or servers. Instead, a unique identifier is assigned, encrypted and stored securely, drastically reducing the opportunity for fraud.

    Account set-up and activation with real-time data

    Our mobile payments service leverages the availability of real-time data, which is provided via our External Host Interface (EHI) solution. EHI in any mode will provide the required level of data, making it possible to deliver in-app notifications and updates as transactions are made in real-time.

    Once your wallet definition has been approved by scheme and issuing bank, we will enable and configure the defined requirements in GPS Apex, ready for individual customer account activation with multiple options available for the customer journey, made possible by our real-time data capabilities.

    In-App Provisioning

    GPS was the first issuer processor to support In-App Provisioning with the aim to simplify your customer experience and to encourage adoption of your mobile wallet.

    In-App Provisioning has become a functional requirement enabling you to sign up new customers in minutes by immediately adding their virtual card to the mobile wallet.

    This means your customers can start spending instantly as they wait to receive their physical card.


    Rapid onboarding with a one-time password or activation code sent in real-time to the cardholder


    You also receive the password in real-time and can decide whether to offer other delivery options such as within the mobile app, via branded email or your own service


    You have full visibility in real-time of the status of cardholder devices, including any scheme updates, during setup and for the entire duration of the account’s lifecycle enabling you to enhance the overall cardholder security for your end user


    Lower your Total Cost of Ownership by reducing usage and cost of plastic cards by going green

    Powerful Rules
    The flexibility of GPS Apex means you can control the level of security applied during set up of a device using rules rather than needing to build extra logic to create a profitable programme.
    Configure rules for individual wallets that determine whether to set up new customer accounts immediately or verify them first and specify the method of verification.
    Test and learn how your rules affect the performance of your programme and refine them to achieve your objectives.

    Control through Smart Client and web services

    For greater agility in managing your mobile wallet programme, you are not limited to making status changes via Mastercard or Visa’s online portal. You can change status and retrieve information about the transaction token through our powerful Smart Client portal or via GPS web services. Changes made via either of these channels will be automatically uploaded to the Mastercard or Visa tokenization platform.

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