Combat payment fraud with GPS Protect, 3D Secure and Dynamic CVV

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    Why Choose GPS Fraud Mitigation?
    The GPS Apex platform offers advanced fraud mitigation rules tailored to your needs. Our fraud solutions provide peace of mind by enabling you to reduce costs and deliver added security far beyond the secure and reliable processing of Mastercard and Visa payments.
    Security and Protection
    As new payments technology emerges, so do the tricks of fraudsters to deceive you and your cardholders.
    Protect your programme with:
    GPS Protect
    • Bespoke fraud protection programme to suit your needs
    • Near real-time transaction evaluation and feedback 24/7
    • Recommended by issuers as fraud solution of choice
    3D Secure
    • Reduced risk of fraud online
    • Secure online payments with smart dual-factor authentication
    • Frictionless buying experience for cardholders
    Dynamic CVV
    • Dynamic CVV3 and Dynamic Online PIN functionality
    • Complete flexibility and control to configure level of risk
    • Cost efficient and easy to implement
    Total Control With GPS Protect
    Our award-winning fraud management engine is simple to setup and manage and puts you in control of the monitoring, blocking and flagging of live cards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Combined with advice from our team of fraud experts, we help you to individually configure and control rules to protect your programme.
    GPS Protect offers unrivalled functionality with instant visibility through a clear ‘traffic light’ dashboard. Individuals and groups can interact with transaction cases to investigate and then assign actions. A full case management history helps the system learn, so rules can be updated and adjusted manually or automated to improve your fraud hit rates.

    How GPS Protect works?

    Gps Fraudmit Diagram
    Online Authentication With 3D Secure
    3D Secure is a scheme-based fraud solution with the aim of authenticating the cardholder performing an online transaction. Multiple requests to input a 3D Secure password at the purchase stage can lead to the cardholder abandoning their transaction. GPS offers 3D Secure with adaptive authentication to help reduce abandonment during the crucial buying window online.
    You can configure the system to increase or decrease the risk to achieve your desired acceptance level. Approximately, 95 per cent of online transactions with 3D Secure intelligent dual-factor authentication for the card transaction will not be challenged – ensuring a frictionless experience for the cardholder.
    How 3D Secure Works?
    Gps Fraudmit Diagram

    Next Generation Security Dynamic CVV3

    Our advanced Real-Time Data Feed enables you to take advantage of next generation security measures such as Dynamic CVV3 to verify the legitimacy of the cardholder. Unlike 3D Secure, Dynamic CVV3 gives you complete authorisation control and flexibility.

    If you wish to implement Dynamic CVV3 security measures on a portfolio of physical cards, GPS will provide the appropriate data to enable your card bureau to update its production process.

    How Dynamic CVV3 Works?

    Gps Fraudmit Diagram
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    Fraud Mitigation

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