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Reduce the time it takes to manage and reimburse chargeback requests via our chargeback management functionality.

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Chargeback management made easy

The time it takes to review, manage and refund legitimate chargeback requests can be a time-intensive, costly process that gets more difficult with scale. At GPS, we allow businesses to monitor and manage large volumes of chargeback requests, reducing the operational impact and helping to ensure funds are recuperated as quickly as possible.

Why choose GPS chargeback management?

  • Produce a custom-built chargeback bulk file for rapid upload, before being validated, logged, processed and passed on to Mastercard to manage all disputes.
  • Reduce the risk of submitting requests outside of card scheme time limits, ensuring maximum funds are recuperated for disputed transactions.
  • Our issuer processing platform GPS Apex allows you to manage the full cycle of chargebacks from submission, to rejection or credit.