Immediate Payments,
    Direct Debits & Standing Orders

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    Why Choose GPS Agency Banking Services?
    Payment innovation with full regulatory compliance for Fintech innovators or as a stand-in processing service for established financial institutions.
    The pioneering GPS Apex issuer processor platform provides transactional Agency Banking Services that serve millions of users globally.
    Fully-hosted payments gateway
    With a growing demand for non-traditional banking products and ways to accommodate the revolution in digital payments; Agency Banking Services provide a certified gateway into the central clearing system, enabling our customers, agency banks and other financial institutions to have access to an affordable, alternative method of delivering mainstream payment processing capabilities to their customers.
    Agency Banking without the hassle
    Highly sophisticated and configurable modules enable you to combine a scheme-based card with the ability to send or receive banking transactions.

    Direct integration in all simplicity

    Through our solutions, you can integrate directly with leading issuers and banking providers to deliver a fully-hosted payments gateway to the banking world and benefit from:

    • Immediate payments in and out 24/7

    • BACS transfers

    • Direct Debits and Standing Orders

    GPS Agency Banking Services allows you to:

    • Add Sort Code and Account Numbers or IBAN numbers to any card programme

    • Provide a quick way of offering Immediate Payments as well as SEPA credit transfers on and off the account

    • Manage UK Direct Debit collections made from the account

    • Reduce cost and simplify the loading of funds onto the card account for your customers

    • Streamline the reconciliation process of funds loaded onto an account, by dedicated individual accounts

    • Minimise manual errors by only transmitting funds to validated and verified bank accounts

    • Drive new revenue streams for programme providers

    • Transform mass volumes of data across systems, improving process efficiency

    • Deliver improved service and value to customers, increasing satisfaction and loyalty

    Build your own banking-like capabilities

    An accelerated route to market for new banks or financial institutions looking to move towards obtaining a full banking license.

    Driving change, innovation and opportunity our Agency Banking Services creates a new set of payment rails for easy ‘plug-in’, giving you speed to market and delivering significant value to your out-of-the-box offering. This affordable ACH service enables you to offer your customers same day, next day or 24×7 immediate payments, International transfers and Direct Debit collections.

    In addition, our solution fully automates the lifecycle of the Direct Debit requests off the transaction account, including rejection handling for accounts with insufficient funds.


    Stand-in service for fully licensed banks

    GPS Apex offers fully licensed banks our Real-Time Data Feed (External Host Interface) solution for stand-in processing services that responds to Visa or Mastercard transactions without holding the debit card balance. GPS Apex can take care of all transaction types – immediate payments, BACS, Direct Debits and Standing Orders.

    Trusting GPS to provide stand-in processing services means that established financial institutions can protect their reputation and deliver a high level of customer service in the event of technical difficulties.

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