Agency banking

Add a bank account to your digital payment product quickly and easily, enabling you to focus on value-added features and services without the need for a full banking license.

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Agency banking without the hassle

As demand for non-traditional banking products grows, our agency banking service provides full access to banking rails through a single set of APIs. This allows you to deliver a diverse suite of mainstream payment mechanisms including standard bank account details, the ability to offer immediate payments, manage direct debit collections, and more with GPS and Modulr*.

*The agency banking solution is provided via our partner Modulr and is fully integrated into the GPS system. It is available to customers in the UK and EU.

Why choose GPS agency banking?

  • We remove the complexity of building your own banking services in-house, enabling a faster route to market and significant value “out of the box”
  • Ensure your product is fully authorised and regulated as an electronic money institution through your integration with GPS.
  • Seamless integration and full access to banking rails managed through one set of APIs.

How it works

Agency Banking How it works