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Scaling Digital Britain Globally

We were incredibly honoured to be invited by HM Treasury to participate in the UK FinTech Strategic Review, known as the Kalifa Review

GPS recently signed an open letter, published by Innovate Finance and signed by more than 70 FinTech founders and executive leaders including Revolut, OakNorth, Klarna, Wise, and Plaid, in response to progress made one year on.

In an interview published in Forbes, our CEO Joanne Dewar, shared her views alongside Ron Kalifa, author of the report, Innovate Finance, KPMG, EY, Global Digital Finance, and others.


“Many international governments have read the Kalifa Review and rightly view it as a powerful blueprint for the future of FinTech. The challenge for Britain is that some governments appear to be adopting its recommendations faster. They are systematically investing in their FinTech innovation ecosystems with a view of boosting their long-term economies.


“We all want Britain to maintain and grow its position as a FinTech leader. Our concern is there could be a risk of the UK being leapfrogged by others should the UK not take action fast enough.”


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