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Money20/20:The future of simplifying payments with Joanne Dewar

Money 20/20 – “Every bank is faced with a spaghetti of point-to-point integration”, says GPS CEO Joanne Dewar

GPS joined over 5,000 people at Money 2020 in Amsterdam last week, the flagship annual fintech event in Europe, bringing together everyone who matters to discuss the future of the payments industry.

Our CEO, Joanne Dewar, spoke on a panel alongside Rob Cameron, CEO of Barclaycard Payments; Adil Rehman, Head of Transaction Banking – EMEA, Goldman Sachs; and Johan Strand, CEO of Zimpler, discussing the future of payments orchestration and how partnering with a company like GPS can help to simplify the complexities banks face on the issuer side.

Joanne noted that every bank is faced with a “spaghetti of point-to-point integrations” and companies are “really struggling” to unpick these strands to get next generation technology to add to functionality in the organisation.

With an orchestration layer, she said, the “spaghetti is kept in a straight line”, and organisations have absolute control to isolate or increase different providers.

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