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In conversation - Joanne Dewar at Fintech Week London

Watch our CEO Joanne Dewar in conversation with Polly Jean Harrison from the Fintech Times

Fintech Week London took place in July 2021. Over the course of five days, the industry’s key players came together to discuss all things fintech, from open banking to digital ID and cryptocurrency to collaboration. During the event, The Fintech Times spoke to Joanne about the fintech industry and how it has performed throughout the pandemic.

Jo comments "The fintech industry has not just survived but actually thrived during the pandemic. It is one of the few industries that has really accelerated. No one would have imagined the world health organisation saying that we shouldn’t be using cash and to use contactless payments where possible. So there has been an acceleration of the drive towards digital payments which is facilitated through fintechs, and we’re seeing the same acceleration from the major traditional banks as well.”