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What’s next for Wirecard Card Solutions? with Joanne Dewar & Neil Verdon of Railsbank

Listen to our CEO Joanne Dewar and Neil Verdon discuss What happens next for Wirecard in this Fintech Insider webinar

This year, German fintech Wirecard collapsed into insolvency after facing a HUGE accounting scandal, and subsequently failing to make payments on $1.5 billion in loans coming due. Since Wirecard’s collapse, there have been plenty of rumours circling around what actually happened, and what the knock-on effects to the future of the industry might be.

Railsbank has recently announced that they are acquiring Wirecard's UK arm, Wirecard Card Solutions.

In this Fintech Insider Live Show, we’ll follow up on this saga and demystify some of the details. Joining us to discuss the matter with our host Simon Taylor are Nigel Verdon, CEO of Railsbank, and Joanne Dewar, CEO of Global Processing Services.