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    GPS Partner Series: Tagnitecrest

    Global Processing Services works with a number of partners to help us provide the best possible services for our clients. Each month we'll be introducing a different partner, so today we're looking at the award winning global card manufacturer, Nitecrest!

    What does your organisation offer?

    Tagnitecrest, part of the Nitecrest Group of companies, established in the UK to bring together the competence of both Tag Systems, Europe’s leading smart card and mobile payment solutions provider, and Nitecrest, a specialist Prepaid and Fintech led company focusing on payment card production, and State-of-the-art bureau services Europe wide.

    TagNitecrest manufactures, personalises and delivers payment cards for fintechs, program managers and challenger banks. With bureau services throughout Europe, our flexibility is perfectly suited to the emerging payments sector, making TagNitecrest the ‘go-to’ company for fintech payment cards. Our unrivalled capabilities in special effects and finishes have resulted in some of the most recognised and attractive cards in the market. Card innovation is our specialty. We will deliver whatever you need to make your offering stand out from the crowd.


    What do you think are the main challenges the industry is facing today?

    The latest generation of consumers expect rapid delivery of all types of goods, including payment cards!


    How does your organisation help to address these?

    TagNitecrest has made significant capital investments in the last two years, and all these investments have been geared towards processing cards as quickly as possible: faster personalisation lines, slicker fulfilment processes etc. We have positioned ourselves as the go-to company for fintechs and challenger banks for whom speed of card delivery is a must-have.


    What do you see the future trends in your sector being in the next 5 years?

    We see that the trend towards ever more elaborate special effects and finishes will continue, as banks and programme managers look to make their card stand out from the crowd. We are developing ever more sophisticated printing and finishing techniques so that we will always be able to offer cards that give the “Wow!” factor.


    What areas do you see evolving that will have a major impact on your sector?

    We have seen sufficient demand in biometric cards to justify the significant investments that are required to produce them. We will offer these cards from Q2 2020.


    Why did you decide to work with GPS?

    GPS is a great partner, with whom we have a very long-standing relationship. They are perfectly geared towards the fintech/emerging payments sector. They have a large and very capable implementation team, and are able to bring projects to a conclusion in the shortest possible timeframe. GPS’s experienced and friendly team is a joy to deal with!

    Find out more about Nitecrest here