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Employee Spotlight with Anna Pullen

Meet Anna Pullen, Talent Acquisition Manager, from our London office

We recently announced the closing and upsizing of our latest fundraise at more than $400 million, demonstrating the amazing collective efforts of our global team of colleagues at GPS. In our Employee Spotlight series we speak to some of the individuals that are making our ambitious goals a reality.

With such a disparate spread of colleagues and the volume of the team – currently at 240-plus strong – highlighting individuals’ valued inputs can be a challenge, but this is where our Employee Spotlight series comes in. Here we take a look at the team members and discover what makes them tick. 

Where it all began 
I started my career after university. Went to work for a pizza company in their HR department in Leeds. Then moved back to London to work in internal recruitment, had a secondment for a year in Product working on mobile apps. Then started at GPS. 

What do you like most about your job? The autonomy I’m afforded within my role. The chance to experiment and try new things within our space. Finally, the team I work with is great. 

An average day? I’m bring out the cliché but everyday really is different. I could be doing anything from running coaching sessions, conducting interviews, doing much dreaded admin, running workshops with my team or jumping into wider People team projects.  

Advice for women who want to get into tech?  
Don’t be put off by what you don’t know. Do research, ask questions, teach yourself where you can. Sometimes the right attitude can secure you a role and they are often the places that are also willing to invest in teaching you.  

Why GPS?  
I had worked with my (now) manager for six weeks at a different company and she approached me about the role. When I first interviewed I was really bought into the GPS product and the opportunity the role afforded.  

Why’s GPS a great place to work?  
My team and the growth and opportunities within the business. 

Free time?  
I am extremely bad at maintaining hobbies, so it is whatever random hobby I’ve decided to pursue for the month. 

Last book and movie?  
The last book I read was King Leopold’s Ghost and the last movies I watched are far too cheesy to publicly admit to watching.

What three things would you take to a desert island?  
A machete, a metal kettle and some tea bags.  

Best advice?  
Break the problem down.