Case study

Non-negotiable requirements for connectivity and control were key to Tap’s new crypto payment solution

Tap chose GPS for its ‘powerful, flexible and dependable
technology’ that offers real-time rule manipulation.

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About TAP

TAP is an all-in-one crypto app with 2 main aims, to make crypto instantly accessible to the new user and infinitely more convenient for the current crypto adopter. A true and trusted one-stop-shop for anyone in crypto.


While the concept is new, the Tap team includes seasoned Fintech innovators with extensive experience of assembling market-leading payment programmes.


"We evaluated a number of possible issuer processor options’, said David Carr, Chief Operating Officer, Tap."

“We wanted powerful, flexible and dependable technology from a processor with a strong presence in Europe

David Carr, Chief Operating Officer, Tap

Partnership success

Tap is a new alternative crypto banking product with a mission to make crypto as easy to use as fiat currencies for consumers.

Tap wanted to transform the way people trade, move and spend their money using its trading app and contactless prepaid Mastercard.