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Case study

Open banking innovation consolidates all consumers’ financial accounts into a
single app

We enabled sync. to achieve a new standard of security beyond traditional CVV codes that would be peerless in its market and help win consumer trust.

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About sync.

sync. is aiming to become the first digital smart open banking app, offering their easy-to-use financial services across Europe, promising to manage every aspect of a user’s financial life in one place.


The team presented GPS with some specific challenges to ensure sync. could deliver a heightened level of security to underpin its consumer proposition of consolidating all of the users most trusted and sensitive financial services.


sync. saw traditional Card Verification Codes (CVCs) printed on cards as an outdated vulnerability and decided to break with established processes and not print them on their cards. Instead, sync. wanted to allow customers to generate a new CVC number when they wished, such as if they became suspicious of a merchant’s site after sharing their CVC. 

The GPS and sync. teams worked closely together over several months to find a solution that gave sync. exactly what it was looking for.

“We chose GPS based on trust and chemistry we felt with the team

Ricky Lee, CEO & Founder of sync.

Partnership success

The sync. team undertook a full tender process with a number of potential issuer processors.

The team described their final selection of GPS as being ‘based on their track record of bringing innovative solutions to market and the trust and chemistry we felt with the team’.