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Case study

A unique tech collaboration with Stocard delivers innovative ‘on the go’ financial services app

GPS connects tokenisation services for Europe’s leading mobile wallet provider.

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About Stocard

Stocard is Europe’s leading mobile wallet. They are actively shaping the future of shopping and banking. Digital management of loyalty cards and mobile payment are just two of the functions of the Stocard app.


The team’s determination to deliver a completely frictionless end-to-end shopping experience for customers drove Stocard’s decision to find an independent digital payment method for their card.


The GPS team reviewed the possibility of changing a critical path and were able to integrate the services of a third-party into the process, enabling the Stocard proposition to work as intended. 

“GPS was central to the collaboration that was required to make Stocard Pay work. We're especially happy about the flexibility of both the GPS team and the GPS Apex processing platform

Björn Goß, CEO and Founder, Stocard

Partnership success

Choice of GPS and other collaborative partners meant Stocard has not compromised its vision to be the best card for shopping with a seamless digital customer experience.

Stocard Pay went live in June 2020 in the UK with Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands following in November 2020.