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Case study

Virtual card demanded super-fast load speeds and a creative work-around for authorisation control 

GPS delivers better than double load speeds and control
without needing the expense of an additional BIN.

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About Ixaris

Ixaris Payments' virtual card platform converts payment costs into earnings, maximises working capital, enables automation and helps companies cut overheads and fraud.


Targeting under one second initially, with the goal of 500 millisecond, Ixaris knew the speed at which their virtual cards could be issued and loaded was critical to their success. In addition to speed, the company wanted to add features, different authorisation flows, and authorisation of some transactions themselves. 


GPS's suite of over 150 highly configurable APIs allowed them to combine both processes into a single powerful API. GPS also delivered additional control and authorisation flows without the need for additional BINs to be created.

“GPS managed to get the issue and load process down to 200 milliseconds, so that was better than double the speed
available elsewhere”

Mark Anthony Spiteri, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Ixaris

Partnership success

GPS has helped Ixaris grow its offering to 15 products, nearly 30 currencies, more than 30 BINs and a global client portfolio