Case study

Finndon sought a partner with a proven track record of supporting market entry for  high-growth neo-banks

GPS offered the optimal balance of leading-edge technology while expediting processes and reducing costs for Finndon.

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About Finndon

Finndon is a neo-bank born and driven by a single purpose that empowerment creates opportunity. Launching in 2021, Finndon will provide users with the smart tools to spend, save and invest, to help uncomplicate the complicated within personal finance.


“The neo-bank market is fiercely competitive”, said Alonge. “We have always been very much in tune with what our competitors are doing and the functionality they are offering to customers, so we knew that we would need leading-edge technology to win market share.


Real-time data is key to the Finndon proposition,
giving customers control over their money and knowing exactly what’s happening with their account at all times.

“The GPS Real-time Data Feed was core to our ability to compete so features like instant notifications gave us an advantage over incumbents", commented Alonge.

“The bar was set very high for GPS as we knew their functionality would be absolutely key to our competitive advantage

Charles Alonge, Chief Innovation Officer, Finndon

Partnership success

Finndon is a neo-bank that believes no matter who you are or where you come from, you should never be disadvantaged. 

Finndon is driven by a community of like minded people with a shared goal of helping their customers achieve financial security and freedom by offering smart tools that support customers as they spend, save and invest in their future.