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Case study

GPS’ tech helps Caxton seamlessly migrate 500,000 cards and stop fraud in its tracks

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About Caxton

Back in 2002 Caxton was born – an ambitious start-up with one mission: to make things simple and more transparent for the customer.


The Caxton team were no stranger to live card migrations, having been through one previously in 2015 with another provider, which was complex and not without its difficulties. However, a bigger and unforeseen challenge awaited Caxton and GPS – Covid-19.


The migration project kicked off immediately after the contract with GPS was signed. With a substantial volume of cards, special measures needed to be taken to protect vulnerable processes such as data transfer and reconciliation. As part of the process, GPS appointed its own internal Project Manager, in addition to its usual Implementation Manager, and executed processes for proactive 24/7 data monitoring.

GPS has been nothing but supportive of us, we have been treated like we are the highest priority customer - that's what it feels like.

Alana Parsons, COO, Caxton

Partnership success

Caxton offers a global travel money and funds transfer card with competitive exchange rates and no overseas ATM fees.

The cards are easy to load and can be managed on the go through the Caxton app.