Adding financial capabilities into loyalty programmes marks next era of Fintech innovation

CardGenY supported by GPS has created a single API through which the entire ecosystem of partners can be consolidated.

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About CardGenY

CardGenY is a next generation open API Fintech platform that’s enabling banks, loyalty programs and merchant acquirers to rapidly implement compelling end to end holistic customer journey solutions.


CardGenY saw the opportunity to create a software as a service model for loyalty and co-branded card programmes. Instead of multiple siloed service providers, CardGenY wanted to create a single API through which the entire ecosystem of partners could be consolidated.


"GPS saw the value of what we were trying to achieve and their agreement to be the first member of our ecosystem was very important strategically to our proposition. Their functionality and solid set of APIs was key – and they were people we wanted to do business with", said Peter Marriott.

“GPS was a great choice of launch partner and they helped accelerate our journey to market

Peter Marriott, CTO & Co Founder of CardGenY

Partnership success

CardGenY, with the support of GPS, has achieved its goal of creating the first Open API ecosystem

For issuers in the payments industry through its bespoke API middleware platform.