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About us

The apex of digital payment innovation

We’re GPS, the leading global provider of next-generation payment processing solutions. Our world-class technology and people expertise equip you to build the future of finance as we revolutionise the payments ecosystem together.
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Enabling you to shape the finance revolution

Since 2007, Global Processing Services (GPS) has embarked on a journey to accelerate the delivery of better financial experiences around the world. To date we’ve enabled the monumental rise of fintech challengers and technology leaders across the word – many of whom are now considered “unicorns” worth over US$1billion+. Pushing the boundaries of digital payments has driven the changes in user experience we now take for granted everyday.

We’ve also worked with financial institutions setting the standards in payments transformation.

We’ve established our position at the centre of the finance ecosystem thanks to our diverse team of payment experts, powerful processing platform, and growing partner network. Together, we’re re-drawing the lines of what’s possible for our customers to achieve, and that’s why we’re the proven go-to issuer processing partner for many of today’s leading fintechs, digital banks and embedded finance providers.

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1.3+ billion transactions processed in 2020

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